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This isn’t going to be easy

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urlunkown said: Hiya :) Your name is Kyra right? I'm Emma. What's up

Hey yeah nice to meet you(: and just laying in bed hby?

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my dad was taking me driving and after i parked i got out and checked then shouted “IM STRAIGHT-well at least my parking job is” and my dad slams his hand onto the dashboard and goes “YOU COULDNT HAVE WAITED UNTIL COLLEGE TO MAKE THAT JOKE NOW I OWE YOUR MOM TEN BUCKS I DIDNT THINK YOU WOULD ADMIT IT YET” so thats the story of how my parents have been betting on when id come out

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Reasons why im a bad friend:

• i get too attached

• i will complain about all my problems to you

i will snap at you by accident one day, causing you to hate me

i need to be reassured periodically CONSTANTLY that you dont think im annoying

• i am annoying

• im boring

• i dont know how to keep the conversation going

• i get emotional after midnight and will probably tell you something that could make you think differently of me

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Happiness sur We Heart It.


Happiness sur We Heart It.

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